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Film Acting Institute in Mumbai.

Acting course

Film Acting Course : Best in Mumbai with lots of learning and practice from well experienced teachers.

Acting courses we offer

Weekend : 3 Months, Sat - Sun (2pm to 5pm)

Fees Rs. 15000/- only.

(Rated best Acting workshop in Mumbai) (conducted by many prominent Teachers) (Join us to improvise with us)


We have best teachers to teach you the Art of Acting at a friendly environment)

We believe in more practice, better performance with Advance excercise.

No Hidden Cost - No False Promises

We offer film and TV Acting Course in Mumbai. This course is for the students who are in Mumbai or coming to Mumbai from any part of India, or world with passion and serious intention of making career in Acting, willing to work hard, and learn. We at Filmit Academy have well experienced Acting teachers in house to teach and polish your acting skills in a very different and easy way. We not only share and gives you detail knowledge of Acting and the elements of performing art but we also make you understand how this industry works and how to find the right way.

Stage and camera acting

Acting workshop student

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We make sure student learn and understand the required aspects acting and practice it well. We work on major factors in acting such as :

Acting : An introduction to the Art.

Elements and Forms of Acting.

Theory of Acting.

Understanding Film, TV, Stage Acting.

Understanding Natya Shastra

Understanding Stanislavski Method.

Strategies to cope stage fear.

Exercises to improve yourself as an Actor.

Inner development as an Actor.

what not to do in acting.

Understanding the types of performances.

Mainstream and off beat cinema Acting.

Film and TV Acting.


Vocal Projection.

Clarity of speech : Diction

Dialect and Regional Diction.

Vocal Resonation.

Sound expression.

Flat Reading

Voice culture.

Body Language

Non-Verbal Communication

Walks and Movements.

Body Dynamics



Mind and Body Excercises

Split Attention Excercises

Improvisation. and Random Improvisation.

Filmit Acting theory of Observation, Retention, and Projection.

Understanding Method Acting.


Observation and interpretation.

Understanding Script and Character.

Understanding Directors point of View.

Learning the Basics of Film Making and TV Shows

Character and scene analysis.


Action and Reaction.

Scene practice.

Understanding Action, Emotion and Comedy.

Psychology of Acting.

The Art of Not Knowing.

Rehersal of Scene.

Performing a Skit

Acting Practice with Camera.

Practicing Actors mark and movement.

Practical Acting with Camera, Lights, and Sound.

Camera practice help our students to understand Screen Acting, give confidence to work in front of camera and remove the fear of Acting.

Special lectures on How to face Auditions

We also help you get Auditions and guide you how to start career in Acting.

Theatre Play Drama Autograph

Theatre Play Drama Autograph

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Filmit Academy Acting course

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Film Acting


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